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College 101

Financial Aid Links
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Preparing for College

Smart529 College Savings Calculator

You're a newlywed couple. Everything is bright and new and happy and surrounded by kittens and butterflies and unicorns. Now, how much is it gonna cost for those 2.5 kids who aren't even a twinkle in your eye yet to go to college? Because the time to start saving was yesterday.

Studentaid.gov's College Matching Wizard

An Internet version of the Sorting Hat.

College Navigator

Want to know how much aid you might expect to receive from your dream college? Click click clickety-click.

EFC Calculator

How much aid can you expect to receive from the federal government? If you're white and middle-class, the answer is zero! Nah, we're just kidding. Kind of.

Finding Scholarships and Grants


The mother of all scholarship search engines.


Can you quilt? This website will let you know if there's a scholarship for that.

Awards for Volunteers and Public Servants

Aw, you're an idealist. That's so cute.

Financial Aid for Undocumented Students

No Social Security number? No problem.

Shmoop's Scholarship Guide

Oh, hey, we're on here, too.

Applying For Aid


Gates open every year on January 1st. Be there, or be square.

CSS Profile

Some schools will make you fill out this FAFSA Part Deux. There is a fee. We're sorry.


Government Financial Aid Programs 101.

Finding Student Loans

Compare Student Loans

For those in the market for a loan from a private lender.

Student Loan Calculator

How much can you save by paying off your loan early? Probably not as much as you think, but it never hurts to look.

Peer to Peer Loans

You can borrow money from a private individual to pay for school at lending sites like Lending Club and Prosper. That doesn't sound risky at all.

IBR Info

Wrestling with student debt? Hack your way out of it.

Other Ways to Eliminate College Costs

Education Tax Credits

Sounds straightforward, right? Just remember, though, you are dealing with the IRS.

Academic Reciprocation Agreements

Want to attend a public out-of-state college for in-state prices? Do we really need to ask that question? See the Academic Common Market and the Western Undergraduate Exchange for more information.

Work Colleges

If you work, you get rewarded.

30 Ways to Reduce College Costs

The government explains how not to go broke while you're in school. That's rich, coming from the guys who can't figure out how to extend the debt ceiling.

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