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College 101

Biggest Myths
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The Legend of Unattainable Financial Aid…Only the Top Students Get Help

This legend, like the belief that garlic keeps vampires away, is simply false. Yes, the superstar students may be able to grab the merit scholarships for their academics. But the majority of financial aid is awarded to those middle-of-the-road students. Those students who did well in high school (and whose families show true financial need) are the ones who are getting the help. Check out Loans and Grants for more information about financial aid. 

The Myth that All the “Best” Schools in the Country Are Too Expensive.

Reality: Take a look at the tuition at schools like Princeton, Harvard and Yale. Yep, they’re pretty pricey and those zeroes at the end are only increasing. But these schools can also afford to hand out some great financial aid, so don’t cross them off the list just because of the price (if your qualifications stack up, that is.)

The Sticker Price Myth…If a School Says It’s Expensive, It Will Be

Reality: Think about it.  Schools with high tuition may also have huge amounts of funds available for grants and scholarships.  You need to be realistic with your choices, but don’t let price necessarily rule out a school where you really want to attend. Check out our financial aid and scholarship options. 

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