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College 101

A Checklist of Dont's
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Don’t start too late. We recommend your sophomore year.

Don’t stop calling until you reach the coach you are looking for. Often they can’t legally contact you, so you’ll have to be the one to get in touch.

Don’t be afraid of any mistakes that are on display in your recruiting video. Coaches want to see how you bounce back. Your flaws don't disappear after high school, we're sorry to say.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear from coaches. They are busy people. If you are interested in the school, keep trying until you get an offer or a rejection (sniff sniff).

Don’t worry too much about getting a scholarship. Sure, it would be great for your finances. And your parents’ mental health. But, truth be told, not that many athletes actually get them, and many schools do not even offer them.

Don’t just pick a college for its athletics. You could get hurt, cut, tired of playing, etc. Make sure you love the college so that if you stop playing, you are still happy with where you are.

Don't be disillusioned. The recruiting process isn't easy. There are more rules than you could even imagine, and you probably have more options than you're even aware of. Check out this list of myths and realities to get a clearer picture of what you're about to go through.

Don’t let a school turning you down get you down. Unless you’re a Shaq-like prodigy, you will get rejected by colleges. Maybe a lot of colleges. You’re not the right position, you’re not tall enough, you don’t have good enough grades… blah blah blah. They give you a variety of reasons for your rejection. But none of those matter. What matters is the college that you want and that wants you back. So just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

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