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Recruiting Email Template
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Here we take on the character of Sulley, who wishes to be recruited by Coach Scream, head of the Scare Team at Monsters University.

Dear Coach Scream,

My name is James Sullivan, and I am extremely interested in becoming a part of your Scare Team. Currently a junior, I will graduate high school in 2020. I scare for the varsity team at North Pixar High School in Disney, California. I also participate in scaring around the year with my club team, the Growlers.

I believe that I would be a great fit for your scare program. Last year I was named MVP of our league, and I broke the season scare record with 548 points. My physical presence along with my intuition allow me to maximize my scaring potential each chance I get. I am also a great team player—you can always find me on the sidelines quizzing my teammates, getting them prepped for competition.

All my life I have been a die-hard Monsters University fan, and I know that there is no better school for me. As a huge science nerd, I am interested in becoming a doctor. The information I have read on the Pre-Med Program makes me believe that there would be many opportunities for me to realize that dream at Monsters U. I have sent you a highlight reel showcasing my abilities in the mail, and it should arrive any day. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to learning more about Monsters University and speaking with you about the possibility of joining your Scare Team.

-James (or, as my team calls me, Sulley)

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