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College 101

Four Entities You Can Ask for Money
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

1. The government. Remember that FAFSA thing we mentioned? It's kind of like the headpiece to the Staff of Ra in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” – the key to everything. Fill out the FAFSA, and you've got a shot at federal work study, government grants, and student loans...the whole shebang.

2. The school. Looking for a merit-based scholarship? Then you need to ring up or get some face time with your financial aid adviser. He or she will be able to clue you in to the big money available at your college, and maybe even to a few unpublicized scholarships. Also check out the departmental webpage for whatever subject you're thinking of majoring in – you might find info on a scholarship or two available only to estudiantes de español.

3. Go local. Did you know the Catholic church you've been reluctantly attending since you were in diapers offers four $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors every year? Apply for that sucker, and check with other organizations – your high school, your employer, your parents' employers, etc., etc. – to see if they've got any money up for grabs, too.

4. Everyone else. Time to get out the big guns and go hunting for exotic game. Are you a future sci-fi writer? Can you do a duck call? Do you speak Klingon? Then there are scholarships out there, just waiting for you. Check out MeritAid.com and Tasty Bits: Scholarships for comprehensive scholarship lists.

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