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College 101

Federal Work Study
Article Type: Quick and Dirty

Should you generally avoid anything with the word “federal” in it?  Probably.  But Federal Work Study is great.  By working on campus, you can help pay for your college education. Work Study is kind of like a grant you need to earn. If you are eligible for Work Study, the government gives money to your college to employ you. You get a campus job and a paycheck during the school year. Usually, students use the money they earn from Work Study to pay for College Costs like books, personal expenses, or travel to and from home.

Typically, there are tons of different kinds of student jobs available on campus. You can get a job that requires little to no brainwork, or one that requires a lot of creative juices, and everything in between. The key is to figure out what you want to do and apply for the sweet positions early before they get snatched up.  Check out some possibilities:

  • Work at the library sorting books, answering questions, helping students find the materials that they need, sitting at the front desk, etc.
  • Work as a lifeguard or gym monitor, swiping student ID cards and making sure everything is shipshape and A-OK.
  • Work in the cafeteria, campus restaurant, or coffee shop cooking, bussing tables, or being a barista.
  • Work for the on-campus arts council or organization.
  • Work in the bookstore.
  • Work for a professor by helping him or her conduct research or write a book.
  • Be a TA (teacher’s assistant) and help teach a class.
  • Work as a Resident Assistant (a.k.a. RA) in a dorm.
  • Be a tutor.
  • Work as a musician, actor, or artist at parties and events.
  • Work at the Financial Aid office or Admission Office.
  • Many schools offer safe-ride transportation assistance to students at night or over weekends. You could work as a driver or coordinator for a program like this.
  • Work in the alumni office.
  • Work for the student community center.
  • The list goes on and on.

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