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College 101

Introduction to Visiting Colleges
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Toga! Toga! Toga!

Wrong way to start thinking about visiting colleges. Erase any fantasies of wild parties from your mind; a college visit is a serious tool that can help you decide where you want to spend the next four (or possibly more) years of your life.

"Better leave the outfit at home."


What are college visits all about? The great thing is, you will have the power to design your visit so you experience every aspect of the school that interests you. A college visit can happen at any time during your application process, but is probably most useful during two stages: Narrowing Down Your List, and after you have been accepted to a few schools.

A visit to the campus will help you get a feel for the school and allow you to make more informed decisions (making good decisions is not guaranteed.)

First, know that you will have to spend some time Preparing for College Visits. Just showing up unannounced doesn’t fly.

Second, take along a checklist of What to See, Ask, and Do when visiting schools. Information and options are going to come at you fast and furious, and you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

It is supremely important that you consider What Not To Do When Visiting Schools. We guarantee that every admissions office has stories of that guy who visited that one time...don’t be that guy.

Finally, know What To Do If You Can’t Visit Schools. All is not lost, there are options.

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