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Congruent Triangles

Congruent Triangles

Triangles on the Coordinate Plane Exercises

Example 1

Find the side lengths of ∆ABC. What kind of triangle is it: scalene, isosceles, or equilateral?

Example 2

If a triangle was formed from the midpoints of each of the segments, what would be the side lengths and type of the new triangle? 

Example 3

DEF is an isosceles triangle on the coordinate plane. If D has the coordinates (-a, 0), what coordinates does E have?

Example 4

What coordinates does F have? 

Example 5

If ∆DEF was given the coordinates D (-3, 0), E (0, ), and F (3, 0), what kind of triangle would ∆DEF be?

Example 6

JKL has coordinates at J (0, 0), K (1, 3), and L (3, 1), while ∆MNO has coordinates at M (1, -3), N (2, -6), and O (-1, -5). Are the two triangles congruent?