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A Doll's House

A Doll's House


by Henrik Ibsen

Nora Helmer Timeline and Summary

  • Nora brings home lots of Christmas presents.
  • She reveals her secret to Mrs. Christine Linde.
  • She plays hide-and-go-seek with her kids.
  • Nora is blackmailed by Krogstad, so she begs Torvald to let Krogstad keep his job.
  • She flirts with Dr. Rank in the hopes of borrowing money.
  • Nora decides against borrowing from Rank when he reveals that he is dying and is in love with her.
  • She is confronted again by Krogstad, who leaves a revealing letter in the mailbox.
  • She gets Christine to go and talk to Krogstad on her behalf.
  • Nora dances the tarantella to distract Torvald from the mail.
  • She rejects Torvald's drunken advances after the party.
  • Nora says goodbye to the dying Dr. Rank.
  • She finally allows Torvald to read his mail.
  • Nora confronts Torvald about the demeaning way he treats her.
  • She decides to desert her family to go on a quest of personal enlightenment.
  • Nora slams the heck out of a door.