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Economic Policy (Macroeconomics)
Economic Policy (Macroeconomics)
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Economic Policy (Macroeconomics) Analysis

The key concepts: what you need to know and (more importantly) why

Politics & Economics

"It's the economy, stupid!" That catchphrase was coined by a strategist on Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, but the point holds true for almost all American elections.  If the econom...


Every economist has his or her favorite statistics to monitor recessions. Some look at the number of new housing starts, others prefer the number of new orders for consumer goods, and still others...


"A dollar ain't what it used to be."  That may sound like some old person's complaint, a bit like how they used to have to walk to school uphill both ways through the snow.  But it happen...

Fiscal Policy

When the economy begins to suffer from serious recession or inflation, politicians will almost always intervene to try to improve the situation.  Their interventions may or not be good economi...

Monetary Policy

The alternative (and/or complement) to fiscal policy is monetary policy. This is set by the Federal Reserve Board. The economic logic is similar—put money in or take money out—but the tools are...

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