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Federal Bureaucracy Questions

There's more than one right answer.

  • Could the federal bureaucracy operate more effectively?
  • Or are its flaws the inevitable consequence of the democratic processes that created it?
  • How might the federal bureaucracy be reformed?
  • Which branch of government has greater influence over the federal bureaucracy?
  • Why does Congress create "independent" agencies?
  • Are "independent" agencies consistent with the Constitution's vesting of the executive power in the president?
  • Are "legislative vetoes" and "report and wait provisions" legitimate Congressional devices?
  • What do the examples of the airline and mortgage industries teach us about government deregulation?
  • Should more or less regulations be imposed on the airline industry?
  • Who or what is most responsible for the 2008 mortgage crisis?
  • Does the federal bureaucracy have a mostly positive or mostly negative impact on American society? Why?

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