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The Fine Print

We don't care how precious your 20/20 vision is: reading the fine print is a must. Stock up on eye masks and cucumber slices—we're going in.

The ads for a credit card tell you all the stuff that the credit card company wants you to keep in mind…like their best possible rate. It's only by reading the fine print that you'll find out that the rate is variable and can (and most likely, will) go up. You'll also find out that late payments will cancel your introductory rate and that the cash back program that you thought was so great comes with tons of conditions.

Sure, it might be more boring than Season 4 of Lost, but it's the only way to really know what you're agreeing to.

Think we're exaggerating how bad the fine print is? Not a chance. Here is an example. We dare you to understand it.

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