Credit and Debit

An alternative to credit cards for shopping online, people use PayPal for about 1/3 of all U.S. online purchases. You can send and receive money online with only an email address and a free-to-use PayPal account (like about 100 million other people).

Betsy is an artist who is starting to give classes to kids in her part of town. She learned the hard way that if she lets people wait to pay until they come to the class, she loses the customer’s revenue entirely if they don’t show because her class sizes are limited. So she needs to collect class fees before the classes, but doesn’t have the time for snailmail and doesn’t want to pay credit card processing fees. So she opts for PayPal. Anytime a mom wants to pay for her kid’s class, Betsy just emails them a request for money (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it, a request for money?) and the mom pays it and Betsy’s PayPal account goes up $20.

On the flip side, if Betsy wants to order some new paints or sculpting clay, she just goes online, finds what she wants and uses PayPal to pay the online store. Easy as finger-painting. She could have used a credit card as well but PayPal is so very easy to use.

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