Home Economics

There’s no such thing. It’s like saying “I speak European.” A fat steak dinner with a nice glass of wine in Manhattan is like 50 bucks for a cheap place. The same dinner in Des Moines is 30 bucks in the nicest place in town. And it’s not because the cows you are eating are “less famous.”

Prices adjust – a secretary in Manhattan makes around 80 grand a year at a mid-level skill set; that same secretary in Des Moines makes 35 grand, and feels equally poor relative to her counterpart in the city.

Fortunately, we have choices. Americans have arguably the most economic freedom of any place on earth. We can choose to work our tails off and likely make very nice money. Or we can hide inside of a cushy job, maybe get into the union, work 42 hours a week and have lots of free time for football games and beer. Or we can do absolutely nothing at all, crashing on our parents’ couch until they finally kick us out onto the streets and we have to think up clever ways to convince strangers to hand us quarters.

But we have the choice. Not so much in most other places in the world. We try to remember that fact when we pay our taxes every year - as little respect as most of us have for the politicians who govern us, we have great faith in our system.

So make your home awesome. Here’s some Ec to help you avoid the landmines that lots of folks tend to step on.

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