Investing 101

Want to be a hero? Start a company that creates jobs and taxable profits for this country and for others around the world. This country was built on you – great entrepreneurs were the great power and wealth creators of this country… it wasn't mailmen, DMV clerks and unions.

So, you want to be an entrepreneur? What does that mean? An entrepreneur technically is someone who starts his/her own business or service and makes money doing it. But, entrepreneurs, like ice cream, come in 31 different flavors. The great fortunes in this country have been made by entrepreneurs with a few common themes, the biggest of which was that the entrepreneur aligned seamlessly with the economic environment of their era. The great oil wealth created by John D. Rockefeller aligned with the country’s insatiable demand for oil with the advent and popularity of the automobile in this country. The modern age favors technology entrepreneurs and the great fortunes of this era have come from Silicon Valley, venture capital backed founder who aligned their companies with the explosion and popularity of the internet. Think: Yahoo, eBay, Google, Facebok, Zynga, etc.

If you are a Ph.D student in the computer science department at Stanford or Berkeley, it is likely you have been approached by venture capitalists to do things an offering to pay for them. If you are like the remaining 99.99% of the world, your goals are likely aiming lower than creating the next $100 billion company.

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