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For Whom the Bell Tolls

For Whom the Bell Tolls


by Ernest Hemingway

Andrés Timeline and Summary

  • We meet Andrés on the first night, when he, his brother, and Primitivo arrive in the cave while Robert Jordan's away at the bridge; presumably, Pablo tells them all about the bridge plan, and why it sucks.
  • Andrés (or is it his brother?) sides with Pilar in favor of the bridge after Robert Jordan comes back. Technically, we don't know his name yet.
  • The next day, we don't really know or care what Andrés does. He says a few inconsequential things that night. And, like most everyone else, he votes to kill Pablo when that question's on the table.
  • The day after, Andrés stays behind in the cave and packs up for the escape.
  • That night, Robert Jordan gives Andrés a dispatch to take to Golz, detailing the buildup of fascist forces. Andrés sets off.
  • Andrés reaches the Republican lines and meets some anarchists who would like very much to throw a bomb at him. With difficulty, he convinces them not to, and convinces the officer there that he's not a fascist.
  • He's lead to a "higher power," Gomez, who thinks it's really cool to meet a real guerilla and agrees to take him to Golz on his motorbike.
  • After riding a ways, Andrés and Gomez reach the post of Lieutenant-Colonel Miranda, who gives them a safe pass and tells them how to reach headquarters.
  • Riding further, they arrive at Navacerrada, but can't find Golz. They do find Comrade Marty, who tries to kill them, being convinced they are fascists. They are saved by Karkov.
  • Finally, Andrés and Gomez reach Golz's chief of staff, who delivers the message.