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Heracles (Hercules): The Twelve Labors Photos

The Labors of Heracles
This sarcophagus manages to get nine of the twelve labors into this panel. Can you spot them all? [Roman marble sarcophagus, mid-3rd century A.D.]

Heracles vs. the Nemean Lion
Wrestling lions while naked is a lost art form. [Sculpture by J.M. Félix Magdalena. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Jomafemag, 2009.]

Heracles Fights Lernean Hydra
Take that, Hydra! [Painting by Guido Reni, 1620.]

Wrestling Erymanthian Boar
Hercules is way stronger than this Boar, as depicted by this statue in Berlin. [Sculpture by Louis Tuaillon, 1904. Photo by Georg Slickers, 2005.]

The Cerynitian Hind
Heracles succeeds in capturing this incredibly fast deer and bringing it back to Eurystheus. [Attic amphora, c. 540-530 B.C.]

The Augean Stables
Heracles has to clean some really gross stables, so he gets a river to do the work for him. Smart. [Illustration from "The Twelve Labors of Hercules, Son of Jupiter and Alcmena," 1808.]

The Stymphalian Birds
In this interpretation of the Stymphalian birds job, Heracles shoots the birds with his
Hydra-poisoned arrows. [Roman mosaic found in Spain, early 3rd century A.D. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Luis García, 2006.]

Heracles Attacking the Birds
The birds don't look too mean, here – they're kind of pretty. [Attic amphora, c. 540 B.C.]

Heracles Captures the Cretan Bull
The Bull doesn’t have a chance, as shown in this mosaic. [Roman mosaic from Spain, early 3rd century A.D. Photo by Luis García, 2006.]

The Horses of Diomedes
Heracles is getting Diomedes' man-eating horses in order, so that he can feed Diomedes to them. Yikes. [French porcelain vase, c. 1878. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Siren-Com, 2010.]

Getting the Belt of Hippolyte
Heracles battles the Amazons after Hera helps start an argument between them. [Attic amphora, c. 530-520 B.C.]

Heracles Fights Geryon
Heracles battles three-headed Geryon in order to get Geryon's cattle. [Chalcidian amphora from South Italy, c. 540 B.C.]

The Apples of the Hesperides
Heracles holds up the apples that he managed to get from the Hesperides. [Statue in Genova, Italy. Photo by Wikimedia Commons users Rinina25 and Twice 25.]

Capturing Cerberus
Reigning in the three-headed dog of the underworld is no big deal for Heracles. [Illustration by Hans Sebald Beham, 1545.]

Heracles and Cerberus
This Greek amphora depicts Heracles catching Cerberus. [Attic amphora, c. 540 B.C.]

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