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Hero and Leander Photos

Ah, Young Love
What could possibly go wrong? [Hero and Leander by Theodor von Holst, 19th century]

Night Swimming
Swimming at night across a dangerous strait? Is this really such a good idea? [The Parting of Hero and Leander by William Etty, 1827]

Keep a Light On
If only Hero were a little bit more attentive with her fire. [Hero by Edward Burne-Jones, 19th century]

Sorry Hero, we wish we could tell that you have no reason to be worried. [The Last Watch of Hero by Frederic Leighton, 1880]

Cupid Crying
Quit crying, Cupid. This is all your fault. [Hero Mourns the Dead Leander by Jan van din Hoecke, 1635-1637]

Somebody do Something!
You'd think some of these sea nymphs could've helped Leander when he was drowning… or at least they could have caught Hero as she was falling. [Hero and Leander by Domenico Fetti, 1622-1623]

Womp Womp
This is just sad. [Hero and Leander by William Etty, 1828]

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