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Keeping Things Whole

Keeping Things Whole


by Mark Strand

Keeping Things Whole Resources


Keeping Things Legit

The Poets.org page for Mark Strand is all-you-can-eat: links to poems, audio files, and a picture of the man himself rocking the classic poet turtleneck.

Reasons Mark Strand is Amazing

This website has so much cool stuff we couldn't possibly pass up including a link: copies of handwritten poems, copies of paintings, handwritten letters, and more. It's like an all-access pass to this dude's desk drawer.

Strand's the Man

This site's got it all, and then some: a complete bibliography of a seemingly endless list of everything Strand has written.


Mark Strandimation

Here's an animated video to accompany "Keeping Things Whole." You tell us what it means.

Moving Through the Mad World

Mark Strand + Black and White Video + Gary Jules = This video rules. A cool mix of music, poetry, and video.



Hello There

Strand is one dapper dude.

Do you feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?

Mark Strand looking a little like Clint Eastwood with his collar popped.

Articles and Interviews


The ever-awesome Paris Review gives us an insightful interview.

Strand on Strand

Here's a brief interview with Mark Strand and an awesome link to some of translations. Yep This guy translates poems, too. Dude does it all.


Selected Poems

More Mark? Don't mind if we do. And FYI, "Keeping Things Whole" can be found on page 10.

Movies and TV

Mark the Movie Star

Well, Mark Strand isn't a movie star but he appears in Ethan Hawke's 2001 film Chelsea Walls about the infamous Chelsea Hotel in New York City. Alas, he doesn't play a poet or a painter, but an aging journalist.

Poet on the Big Screen

Here's a short article from The New Yorker about Mark Strand's debut in film.

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