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The Korean War Statistics

By the Numbers

Political prisoners in southern Korea by 1947: 22,000 (twice as many as under the Japanese occupation)8

Population of Korea in 1950: 30 million
Population of North Korea in 1950: 9 million
Population of South Korea in 1950: 21 million9

Estimated number of leftist political prisoners executed by South Korean police and military in the "summer of terror" of 1950: at least 100,000 (historians consider this a "very conservative" estimate)10

Length of Korea: almost 600 miles
Width of Korea: 200 miles at its widest, 90 miles at its narrowest
Total land area of Korea: 85,000 square miles
Total coastline of Korea: 5,600 miles11

Estimated strength of the North Korean army in 1950: 135,000 men
Estimated strength of the South Korean army in 1950: 95,000 men12

Number of Americans killed in the Korean War: 36,000
Number of Americans wounded in the Korean War: 105,000
Number of South Koreans killed in the Korean War: 415,000
Number of South Koreans wounded in the Korean War: 429,000
Estimated number of Chinese and North Koreans killed in the Korean War: 1,500,00013

Number of non-American troops from other UN member states sent to aid South Korea: about 40,000
Number of British Commonwealth troops sent to aid South Korea: about 20,000
Number of American troops sent to aid South Korea: 5,720,00014

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