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Little Women

Little Women


by Louisa May Alcott

Meg March Timeline and Summary

  • Meg is sitting with her sisters on Christmas Eve, feeling blue because they are poor.
  • Meg takes part in a play written by her sister Jo and performed for their friends and neighbors.
  • Meg resolves to carry her "burdens" in life cheerfully.
  • Meg sends a blancmange that she made to her neighbor Laurie, who is sick.
  • She gives Amy the family's rag money so that she can buy pickled limes for her friends.
  • Meg goes to stay with the Moffat family for two weeks to celebrate Belle Moffat's coming out.
  • Meg allows the Moffat girls to dress her up in fancy clothes, makeup, and jewelry, and she behaves flirtatiously at their ball.
  • She confesses her excesses at the Moffats' ball to Marmee and Jo.
  • Meg presides over her sisters at the meeting of the Pickwick Club.
  • Meg experiments with being lazy and finds out that she doesn't like it.
  • Meg meets Laurie's British friends, the Vaughns, at a picnic.
  • She is courted by Ned Moffat and John Brooke at the picnic.
  • Meg describes her "castle in the air" to her sisters and Laurie.
  • Meg is horrified to learn by telegram that her father has been wounded.
  • Meg tries to take over as the head of the household in her mother's absence.
  • She helps care for Beth, who has scarlet fever.
  • Meg is relieved when her mother returns from Washington and takes over caring for Beth.
  • Meg begins to fall in love with John Brooke.
  • Meg is delighted when her father returns home on Christmas Day.
  • Meg toys with John Brooke's affections.
  • Meg defends John Brooke to her Aunt March.
  • She accepts John Brooke's proposal of marriage.
  • Meg waits for three years, learning to be a good homemaker while John Brooke serves as a soldier.
  • Meg and John get married.
  • Meg tries and spectacularly fails to make jelly.
  • She wastes $50 on expensive silk.
  • Meg convinces her friend Sallie to buy the silk from her and uses the money to buy John a new coat.
  • Meg gives birth to twins, Daisy and Demi.
  • She spends too much time with her children and neglects her husband.
  • Meg and John achieve a balance between their adult relationship and caring for their children together.