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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men


by John Steinbeck

George Milton Timeline and Summary

  • George and Lennie spend the night by the Salinas River in northern California. They argue over Lennie's mouse and obsession with soft things, and discuss their dreams of a farm they can own.
  • After telling Lennie to come back to this exact spot if he does something "bad," George takes Lennie to the new ranch near Soledad, California.
  • At the ranch, George looks out for Lennie, getting him a puppy, telling him to keep his mouth shut, and warning him to fight back if Curley attacks him.
  • When news gets out about their plan to buy a farm, he's pretty ticked off.
  • George finds out that Lennie has killed Curley's wife, and has a moral crisis when he tries to decide whether to let things play out or give Lennie and clean death.
  • He decides on a clean death.
  • After stealing Carlson's gun and misdirecting the search party, he heads north to the river and finds Lennie.
  • George tells Lennie the story of the dream farm just before shooting him in the back of the head.
  • When the other men arrive, George pretends that Lennie had Carlson's gun.
  • George goes off for a (very stiff) drink with Slim.