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On the Road

On the Road


by Jack Kerouac

Marylou Timeline and Summary

  • Marylou has come east with Dean.
  • She comes to New York with Dean, even though he has divorced her and married Camille in San Francisco.
  • She, Dean, Ed, and Sal drive furniture to Sal’s brother’s new house.
  • She, Dean, Ed, and Sal wash dishes to pay for their food.
  • She hits on Sal to make Dean jealous.
  • She agrees to have an affair with Sal while Dean watches, and is frustrated when Sal won’t go for it.
  • Marylou displays physical bruises from a fight with Dean.
  • They all take off for New Orleans.
  • She agrees to continue sleeping with Dean once he gets back to Camille in San Francisco.
  • Marylou arrives in New Orleans along with Sal, Dean, and Ed.
  • She leaves for California with Dean and Sal.
  • After some encouragement, she gets naked along with Dean and Sal while they drive.
  • She has sex with Dean in the car while Sal sleeps.
  • Marylou tries to get Sal to sleep with her one night when Dean is away.
  • She talks to Sal about how sad she is.
  • She reveals that she can’t really have Dean because he’s "too mad."
  • Marylou arrives in San Francisco with Dean and Sal.
  • She is angry at Dean for leaving her and Sal without money, a place to stay or food.
  • She listens to Sal’s snake visions.
  • Marylou ends up sleeping with a sailor or two. Or nine.
  • She takes Dean back, sort of.
  • She is marries a car salesman, and has an interesting run-in with a very high Dean.
  • We find out in a story that she met Dean when she was fifteen.