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Our Town

Our Town


by Thornton Wilder

 Table of Contents

Our Town Characters

Meet the Cast

Stage Manager

Here’s the key question: Is the Stage Manager an inhabitant of Grover’s Corners?Ding! Our answer is yes. Our answer is also no. On one hand the Stage Manager constantly says stuff like,...

Emily Webb

She’s the girl next door! And she’s destined for the boy next door. Aww. What else can we say about Emily? She’s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Webb, and Wally’s older sister....

George Gibbs

George is the the son of Doc and Mrs. Gibbs. Evidently a popular boy (he was elected class president), George is an All-American golden boy who gets taken down a few notches by Emily Webb. His acce...

Dr. Gibbs

Doc Gibbs is a father, a husband, and the town doctor. This, if nothing else, speaks to the size of Grover’s Corners: only one doctor is needed. It’s clear, however, that Doc Gibbs is o...

Mrs. Gibbs

Mrs. Gibbs, descended from a long family line in Grover’s Corners, is described as a "plump, pleasant woman in the middle thirties" in Act I. By the third act, twelve years later, Mrs. Gibbs...

Mr. Webb

Mr. Webb is a father, husband, and the editor of the local paper. Mr. Webb is also the political and social expert that the Stage Manager calls on to contextualize Grover’s Corners for the au...

Mrs. Webb

Mrs. Webb is Emily and Wally’s mother. She is described as "a thin, serious, crisp woman." Her character doesn’t have a particular amount of depth (although we do learn that she prefers...

Simon Stimson

Simon, the town drunk and choir director, is the sore thumb that sticks out in Our Town's perfect tableau of small town life. His drinking problem is by far the most serious problem we see in Grove...
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