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Perseus and Medusa Photos

Fresco of Perseus
Perseus' victory is depicted on the wall of a Roman villa. [Roman fresco at Villa San Marco, Stabiae, Italy. Photo by Wikimedia Commons user Luiclemens, 2008.]

Perseus Using the Mirror
Perseus uses Athena's ingenious idea of looking at Medusa with a mirror. [Painting by Bernhard Rode, "Frederick the Great as Perseus," 1756.]

The Finding of Medusa
This doesn't look like a particularly pleasant quest. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, 1888-1892.]

Medusa Slain
And so she dies. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, 1888-1892.]

The Head of Medusa
Poor, Medusa – we feel bad for her. [Painting by an unidentified Flemish artist, c. 1600.]

Birth of Pegasus
Pegasus springs out of Medusa's body. [Painting by Edward Burne-Jones, c. 1876-1885.]

Perseus and the Head of Medusa
Perseus holds up Medusa's gory head. [Sculpture by Frederick William Pomeroy.]

Holding Medusa's Head
Perseus is still gloating. [Sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini.]

Another Perseus Statue
As you can tell by now, this is a pretty popular pose for Perseus. [Sculpture by Antonio Canova, 1804-1806.]

Perseus Beheading Medusa
Wait, but we thought Perseus wasn't supposed to look Medusa in the eyes? [Fresco by Baldassarre Peruzzi, c. 1510-1511.]

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