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by George Bernard Shaw

Henry Higgins Timeline and Summary

  • A bystander tells The Flower Girl (Eliza) that a man (Higgins) is writing down everything she says.
  • Higgins, here called The Note Taker, steps forward and reveals himself. He goes on to tell Eliza to shut up and stop making a commotion.
  • Instead of explaining himself, he correctly guesses where a number of people in the crowd come from just by listening to them.
  • Higgins explains to the gentleman that he can perform his trick because he has studied phonetics, that phonetics is his profession.
  • He tells the flower girl to shut up and stop butchering the English language.
  • Higgins tells the Gentleman that he could turn the Flower Girl into a duchess in six months' time.
  • He introduces himself to Colonel Pickering. They agree to go have dinner.
  • Higgins gives Eliza some money out of pity.
  • Higgins agrees to teach Eliza after Pickering bets he can't turn her into a duchess.
  • He bosses Eliza around.
  • Higgins doesn't pay attention to Mrs. Pearce's advice.
  • He pays Eliza's father, Alfred Doolittle, five pounds in order to keep him from taking back his daughter.
  • Higgins is amazed when he sees how beautiful Eliza is when she's cleaned up.
  • He gets ready for a tough task.
  • Higgins asks his mother to help with his experiment.
  • He doesn't listen to his mother when she says no.
  • Higgins tells his mother that he's bringing Eliza to her party.
  • He tells his mother he has no interest in women.
  • Higgins guides Eliza into the party.
  • He signals for her to leave when things get out of hand.
  • Higgins tells his mother how wonderful Eliza is.
  • He ignores his mother's advice.
  • Higgins wins the bet.
  • He fails to congratulate Eliza for helping him win the bet.
  • Higgins talks about how boring the bet was.
  • Higgins has a shoe thrown at him by Eliza.
  • He gets angry.
  • Higgins nearly hits Eliza.
  • He goes to bed.
  • Higgins shows up at his mother's apartment looking for Eliza.
  • He can't do anything without her.
  • Higgins argues with his mother.
  • Higgins is interrupted by Doolittle.
  • He is blamed for ruining Doolittle's life.
  • Higgins is flabbergasted when Eliza emerges from upstairs looking confident.
  • He doesn't allow Doolittle to take custody of Eliza.
  • He argues with Eliza.
  • Higgins suggests Eliza get married.
  • Higgins gets angry when Eliza threatens to marry Freddy and/or go into business competition with Higgins.
  • He nearly strangles Eliza.
  • Higgins proclaims that she is no his equal.
  • He asks her to stay.
  • Higgins is confident that she will return even after she turns him down.