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by George Bernard Shaw

Pygmalion Characters

Meet the Cast

Henry Higgins

Higgins is what you might call a bundle of contradictions. He's a woman-hating mama's boy; an incredibly talented, educated whiny little baby of a man; a personable misanthrope; a loveable jerk. Sh...

Eliza Doolittle

Eliza comes very close to being a walking cliché. She's the poor girl from the streets who turns out to be a brilliant and beautiful young woman. She's smart, independent, and feisty. This sou...

Mr. Alfred Doolittle

Alfred Doolittle is a smooth-talking garbage man, a serial monogamist (although he's not always really married), a drunk, and a deadbeat dad. He's got a lot to say about "middle class morality" and...

Colonel Pickering

Colonel Pickering is the closest thing Pygmalion has to a father figure. He's a genial old chap, an expert in Sanskrit, and an all-around nice guy. He and Higgins hit it off right away, and without...

Mrs. Higgins

Mrs. Higgins, Henry Higgins's mother, was once a young, intelligent independent woman with progressive ideas. When we meet her, she's older, but she's no less intelligent, independent, or progressi...

Mrs. Pearce

Mrs. Pearce is a housekeeper. She's also, like Pickering and Mrs. Higgins, a voice of reason. Heck, if Pickering is the play's father figure, then Mrs. Pearce is its mother figure (which makes Mrs....

Mrs. and Miss Eynsford Hill

We can cover these two women at the same time. They're always together, after all. (You can read more about Clara in the "Character Roles" section.) And they really just represent two stages of wha...


Freddy is the Romantic Interest. In another play, he might have a big part. In this play, he barely has a part at all. There's not much romance to be found. Freddy's not exactly a heartthrob, thoug...

The Parlor-Maid

The Parlor-Maid is Mrs. Higgins's maid/housekeeper.

The Bystander, The Sarcastic Bystander, etc.

In the first act, there are a number of peripheral characters, some sarcastic, some not, who make comments and move the action along.