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Jaws of death Introduction

I'm Antonio. I'm the sea captain who fishes Sebastian out of the ocean. Confession: I might have feelings for him. Or… I might not. And you know what I think?

Let me speak a little. This youth that you see here
I snatch'd one half out of the jaws of death,
Relieved him with such sanctity of love,
And to his image, which me thought did promise
Most venerable worth, did I devotion. (3.4.350-354)

Who Said It and Where

Viola and a crew of sailors wash up on the Illyrian shore after their ship sinks, separating her from her twin brother Sebastian, who she thinks has drowned. Viola doesn't quite know what to do next. So, naturally, she decides to dress up like a boy and get a job as one of Duke Orsino's male servants. Like ya do. She names herself Cesario, and does a bang-up job with the whole disguise thing—no one knows she's really a girl.

Meanwhile, Sebastian has arrived in Illyria and Antonio follows him around like a puppy. He doesn't know Viola is alive. She doesn't know he's alive. Shenanigans ensue.

Antonio reveals that, if he gets caught in Illyria, he's in deep dog-doo, because he's a pirate who stole from Duke Orsino. So he decides to hide out at the motel, but gives Sebastian some money so his friend can go sightseeing and buy himself something pretty.

After a lot of drama about who loves the beautiful but unavailable Countess Olivia more, Toby forces Cesario and Aguecheek together and the two draw their swords. Just then, Antonio enters and thinks that Cesario is his buddy, Sebastian. (Viola looks a lot like her twin brother—especially when she goes around town dressed as a dude.)

Antonio's scared for his boy "Sebastian" (Cesario) and tries to break up the fight. He and Toby trade insults and draw their swords. Cesario and Aguecheek put their swords away and Aguecheek promises Cesario his horse. Then the cops show up to arrest Antonio, who has been recognized as one of the pirates who stole from the Duke.

Since Antonio thinks that Cesario is Sebastian, he asks him to return the money he gave him earlier so he can buy his way out of jail. The only problem is Cesario has no idea what Antonio's talking about. But since Cesario is such a nice person, he gives Antonio some money anyway.

Antonio is hurt because he thinks Sebastian has hung him out to dry. He can't believe Sebastian would screw him over like this, after everything Antonio's done for him. He goes off about how he saved Sebastian from drowning, has been a devoted and loving friend, and then calls Sebastian (who is actually "Cesario") a devil. Yep, it's awkward.

The cops couldn't care less about any of this drama and they haul Antonio off to the clink. Meanwhile, it finally occurs to Viola (disguised as Cesario) that Antonio has mistaken her for her twin brother (duh!) since the siblings look so much alike. This gives Viola some hope that Sebastian is still alive and didn't drown at sea after all.

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