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Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot


by Samuel Beckett

Lucky Timeline and Summary

  • Lucky enters the stage on a long leash and weighed down with Pozzo’s possessions.
  • As Pozzo orders him about, Lucky silently complies and moves where commanded.
  • Much to Estragon’s confusion, Lucky doesn’t put the bags down.
  • Lucky follows Pozzo’s orders to set up the stool and hand him the picnic basket.
  • Lucky stands but stoops close to the floor; he falls asleep on his feet.
  • Pozzo yells for Lucky to pack away his bottle, which Lucky does immediately.
  • Lucky makes no expression and gives no response when Estragon asks him for the chicken bones.
  • When Pozzo remarks that Lucky would be better off killed than abandoned, Lucky weeps.
  • Estragon tries to wipe his tears away (at Pozzo’s suggestion), but Lucky violently kicks Estragon in the shins.
  • Upon command, Lucky begins to dance and then stops. He starts to dance again in encore.
  • Pozzo commands him to think, but he is unable to do so until Vladimir places the bowler on his head, at which point he gives his long and garbled speech.
  • Vladimir takes off Lucky’s hat at Pozzo’s command, and Lucky falls silent again.
  • He also falls over; the men help him up repeatedly until he successfully stands on his own.
  • Pozzo cracks his whip and Lucky begins to walk; both men leave the stage.
  • In Act 2, Lucky reenters with Pozzo. Lucky has a new hat and is on a shorter leash this time, presumably because Pozzo is blind and needs closer guidance.
  • Lucky falls asleep; Estragon beats him to wake him up.
  • Pozzo reports that Lucky cannot think today, since he’s gone dumb (as in mute).
  • Lucky exits with Pozzo, and the noise of the two men falling again can be heard from offstage.