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Yet Do I Marvel
Yet Do I Marvel
by Countee Cullen

Countee Cullen’s Calling Card

What is the poet’s signature style?

Marvelous Sonnet

How do we know this sonnet is by Cullen? Let us Countee the ways:

  • His poems are often written in traditional poetic forms (in this case, a sonnet).
  • His poems often reference the major literary canon of both America and Europe.
  • He's all-lyric, all the time.
  • His poems are often intellectual meditations that grapple with issues of race, heritage, God and art.
  • He likes to mix universal themes with themes about race in America and cooks up incredibly sophisticated poems that appeal to everyone. His poems are sort of like a high-end buffet, where everyone can find something to sink their teeth into, regardless of their race or religious background. So eat up.
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