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The 1950s Statistics

By the Numbers

Rank of Eisenhower, in a 1962 poll of historians asked to rank the best presidents: 22
Rank in 1982: 9
Rank in 2009: 8

Number of viewers who watched Eisenhower's Inaugural: 29 million
Number who watched the "I Love Lucy" the night before: 44 million

Retail record sales in 1954: $182 million
Sales in 1960: $520 million

Number of drive-in movie screens in the US in 1958, the peak of the business: 4,063

Percent of persons arrested in 1959 who were under the age of 25: 60

Number of years in a row in which Eisenhower was the most "admired man in the world," according to Gallup polls: 7

Population of the US in 1950: 151 million
Population in 1960: 179 million

Spending on advertising in 1950: $5.7 billion
In 1960: $11.9 billion

Number of television sets in the US in 1946: 7,000
Number in 1960: 50 million

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