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Basic Operations RESOURCES


Math Doesn’t Suck

Here’s a great book for middle school girls with practical tips and extra practice problems.

Kiss My Math

This is another book by Danica McKellar geared toward pre algebra girls.

What's Math Got to Do with It?: How Parents and Teachers Can Help Children Learn to Love Their Least Favorite Subject

This is an interesting book for parents and teachers alike, although we have no idea why math would be anyone’s least favorite subject…

Operation Order

A quick game to practice problems, using order of operations.   Try the hardest level.

Order of Operations

Simple practice problems when you are just starting out.  This game practices JUST the order operations are performed, not the operations themselves.

Factor Game

Here’s an awesome game of strategy using factors.  Just try to beat the computer!

Product Game

This is a two-player game to practice finding factors of numbers.  


Here’s a nice activity to visually find the factors of a number.

The Product Game

This site has a four-day lesson plan to work with factors, products, and prime numbers.

Prime Factorization Tool

This prime factorization tool will factorize even the biggest numbers.  Great for checking your answers!

Prime Curios!

Some fun trivia about prime numbers.

Factor Trees, GCF, and LCM

This is a fabulous tool to practice factor trees, LCM and GFC!

Math, Prime Factorization, Multiples, Factors

This site has a fun Jeopardy game to play with one or two players.  It’s good for practice with factorizing and finding multiples. 

The Highest Common Factor and the Lowest Common Multiple

Here is a cute, quick game to practice LCM and GCF.

Math Problems with LCM & GCF

Great practice word problems involving LCM and GCF.

Line Jumper

This site shows a good example of using number line to add fractions.

Color Chips - Addition

This site shows a nice illustration of using plusses and minuses to solve addition problems.

Volt Meter

Here’s an application to explore addition of integers using battery voltage.

Arithmetic Four

This is a fun 2-player game that can use all operations with integers.  It’s similar to the old-favorite Connect Four.

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

This is an interactive view from the Milky Way to a leaf as seen through powers of 10.

Square Root Flashcards

These are flash cards for practicing square roots.


Here are two quick games for practicing scientific notation.

Zero, Negative, and Fractional Powers

This is a nice little tool for students practicing more advanced powers and roots.

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