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The study of life needs no introduction. Well, actually, it probably does—and we've got you covered.

Biological Processes

From the air we breathe to the food we eat, biological processes rule our every waking minute. And we aren't talking about stomaching that three-week-old burrito you had for lunch.


Ready to go insane in the membrane? It's about time you get your cell groove on.


If you're aching to learn a little something about our crazy dog-eat-dog world, evolution is the way to go. From Darwin to speciation, these guides have been naturally selected to be the best of the best.


Doesn't matter if it's plants, bacteria, or even viruses; if it's alive, we've got a guide on it right here. (We're still working on the guide to zombies, though.)


There's no shortage of animals on our Planet Earth, and each one is a biological miracle. That is, until you start learning about their bodily functions and reproductive habits. Gross.


How do organisms interact with their environments? Humans do it by staring at their phones, but other living things? Not so much. It's probably the lack of opposable thumbs.

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