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Bell Curve


Aspiring Actuary. Salary: $53,100 or less 

Despite years of schooling and numerous exams, it turns out you have the forecasting ability of Lindsay Lohan's manager. But because you're the only actuary around, no one's really noticed your incompetence yet. Don't count on it staying that way.


Potato Projectionist. Salary: $78,000 

You're the actuary for a small insurance company in Idaho. You do a good job and make a decent living, but you're getting really sick of running projections on potatoes. Insuring potato delivery drivers, insuring potato farming operations, insuring restaurants that serve potatoes? You've had enough of this, you think, as you munch on some fries.


Actual Actuary. Salary: $96,700 

You're employed by a good-sized life insurance company that deals mainly with annuities. Your favorite party trick is handing guests a small survey to fill out, then predicting when they're going to die. (Yeah, you don't get invited to many parties.)


Actualized Actuary. Salary: $105,800 

You've been the sole actuary at one of the largest property and casualty firms in New York for a couple of decades. You make over $100,000 yearly, as illustrated by your bumper sticker, which reads: "I make over $100,000."


Actuarial Adonis. Salary $181,120 

We have no idea how you did it, but against even your own predictions, you're the world's first celebrity actuary. You attend cocktail parties with the Kardashians and spend summers next door to Daniel Craig. We're not sure how you got quite so popular, but not everything can be solved with an Excel spreadsheet.