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Average Salary: $93,680

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $3,911,000

For someone who likes numbers, you will like these—between $90k and $120k per year on average. There are only about 20,000 actuaries at work on the entire continent, so they are in high demand, and more and more different types of companies are now looking to hire actuaries to help reduce the element of risk in their business. It is almost guaranteed that, 20 years from now, most of today's internet jobs won’t exist; however, it is almost equally guaranteed that risk will—and there will be jobs for actuaries. On the side, you can also make $20-$30 per year charging people to hear you explain what an "actuary" is.

We mentioned that "actuary" is becoming one of the most desired jobs, and the above figures are a big reason why. If you can become an Experienced Fellow (which is one notch above "Jolly Good Fellow"), you can make between $150k and $200k a year. Where you're working makes a difference—you'll make more working in the banking industry as a financial manager than you will in the health insurance industry, but either way you'll be making bank and will likely be in good health.

All you need to know is that this job has routinely been ranked in the top 20 highest-paying jobs for the last several years, and it's only expected to go up from here. That is actuary quite good.