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You managed to turn a belligerent, food-stealing, postman-chasing, home-wrecker of a Great Dane into a warm, cuddly, lap-sitter (okay, a little overkill); why not take pride in your accomplishment? You may not make the front page of the Wall Street Journal (and can you even name someone from the past six months who was?) but the feeling you get from taming the crabbiness out of Marmaduke?

Glorious. (For you, the dog, the family.)

As a search and rescue dog trainer, you've worked for two years with a former stray breed dog in mountain rescue. One day she's the only one who can locate a barely-alive young girl buried 20 feet in snow after an avalanche.

Glorious. (For you, the dog, her parents, the child.)

You've been working with a formerly abused circus horse at a therapeutic riding center to learn to be attuned to the needs of autistic children and other kids with disabilities. Flicka passed her certifications with flying colors and you can already see the differences—in her and in the kids who ride her every week.

Glorious. (For you, the horses, the kids, their families, other riders.)