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Bell Curve


The goat escaped harm, but only because you were so slow getting the job done that the tree you were supposed to prune died of old age first, and instead fell on your hungover crew.


You enjoy your job as a climber, but dread getting old and "unfit," and then later being unable to retire. Who has time to study for the Arborist Certification Exam? Maybe it is time for a career change.


You passed the Exam. As a Certified Arborist, you spend almost all of your time consulting with clients, bidding, and writing reports, while the crews do all the young men's work. It may not be as fun, but has more of a future.


You established your own tree service business. As King, or Emperor, or Supreme One, or whatever you call yourself, you can be selective with your employees, so you compose diligent and professional crews who do tree work according to your discriminating standards.


Goats everywhere rejoice as your business expands to dominate the industry in your region. Your climbers become managers of their own departments and hire more great crew members. You may not have found the tree that money grows on; but at this point, who cares?