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In case you don't know (because you're still figuring out what you want to be), the very first question at a party is almost always the dreaded "What do you do?" (a hateful, tacky tradition—in our opinion). If you don’t think "audiologist" is sexy enough to impress the ladies (or men), say that you are in the same vocation that Alexander Graham Bell (the inventor of the telephone) was. Makes sense, right? Ring-a-ding-ding, my honeys….

(Or you could bring up impacted ear wax and maybe change the long-standing tradition of the first thing you ask a total stranger at a party.)

Unfortunately, there aren't really famous audiologists (other than Al) but all the guys who may or may not have coined the term audiology we mentioned before are famous among…audiologists.

Fame is not a big part of practicing audiology—it's not why you go into this profession, now is it? If you're determined to find fame (and possibly fortune) being an audiologist, figure out a way to perform complete ear implants; that hasn't been done yet (although middle ear implants have been).