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Where's the flash on this thing? (Source)

There will be stress. Corporate events managers have the heavy responsibility of coordinating every aspect of complex happenings of anywhere between six and 60,000 employees and their families. Table cloths for the charity fundraiser didn't arrive? Your job is to deal with it. 

The expert booked for Friday's employee training on harassment has the stomach flu? Get out your employee handbook and prepare to train them yourself. And don't forget about all those people at the party who really want you to take their picture, even though you have a bazillion other things to do.

And you're happy to deal with it all. Why? Because the success or failure of an event depends entirely on how you cope with all that stress being fastballed your way. There's stress involved, but if you've come this far without bailing, you may be just the person for the job. We can already see it in your steely gaze. Just remember to put on your happy face before you greet any guests.