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Bell Curve


You earned a Criminal Justice degree while you were in the National Guard. After the service, you got a job as a county sheriff. After eight years on the beat, the commissioner appointed you to lead investigator. Now you wear a suit to work and track down small time crooks.


After a successful career as a city cop and SWAT trainer, you now head up the Narcotics Unit for the whole city. You received national attention when you broke the largest meth ring in the Northeast.


You work for the Department of Homeland Security. You investigate any terror threats directed toward the USA. You love your job and realize how important it is. The stuff you know is top secret. Even your wife doesn't know who you've taken down.


After solving the case of the "missing realtor," in your hometown, Dateline tracked you down and did a story about how your "horse sense" helped solve the case. The surprising conclusion glued 3 million people to their TV screen on an evening in April. You got your 15 minutes of fame. Now it's back to work.


You are the director of the FBI. You have a meeting in the Oval Office in 15 minutes.