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Bell Curve


Your economic forecast includes an erroneous date that causes the company you work for to go bankrupt. Shame on them for relying on an economist. However, the company's troubles are nothing compared to YOUR epic fail.


You get a job with the Federal Government right out of school. You hope someone will introduce you to Big Brother. You've heard so much about him.


You are an economist for private industry, helping companies determine which of their products are most popular and to focus on optimal selling strategies for those products. As a bonus, one of them gives you a lifetime supply of deodorant. Are they expressing their gratitude, or are they trying to tell you something?


You are the chairman of the Federal Reserve. You are continually being quoted in The Economist. You are also continually being misquoted by the Associated Press.


You win the Nobel Peace Prize after helping the Federal Government create monetary policy that pulls the nation out of a recession. You don't even wake up afterwards.