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The job can be stressful, no doubt about it. Inaccurate predictions can cause losses for your company, influence bad decisions while developing monetary policies, or simply be ridiculed by your peers or in the media. For example, The American Association of Wine Economists released a working paper in September 2011, "The Buyer’s Dilemma—Whose Rating Should a Wine Drinker Pay Attention To?" The authors of the publication came under fire after releasing their paper, but it wasn't because of their findings. In fact, people criticized the way their studies were performed. Also, some of their data did not exactly add up, or was deemed to be obtusely presented. The people complaining had some valid arguments. They weren't just looking for something to wine about.

Economists have to deal with criticism and doubt, which can be stressful. Also, they must CAREFULLY collect and present accurate data. A quick skim and regurgitation of the information contained on Wikipedia isn't usually going to cut it.