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Glory comes in as many shapes and sizes as there are funky microorganisms on a bowling ball. For some, the glory comes from the satisfaction of helping a kid feel okay about his peanut allergy. Others take pride in helping an elderly veteran control his diabetes. 

Some revel in the joy of putting an end to the latest case of animal flu (bird, swine, what have you), or in studying the animals to aid research in other areas. These day-to-day accomplishments will warm your heart and fill your bank account.

Then there are the major players, those called on to quarantine a town that has a vicious virus on the loose. They seize control of the situation and yell at the army general who wants to wipe out the town in order to save the country. 

They walk around in their HazMat suit for days until they finally identify patient zero, find the vaccine, cure the people, and save the world from disaster. Sounds like a movie you'd rush out to see, doesn't it? If you do all that, you'll have the glory and fame.