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Bell Curve


You're a lawyer for the legal firm of Starving, Bankrupt and Alone. Guess you shouldn't have cheated on the bar. Probably also would have been nice if you'd made a few friends.


You are a private-practice lawyer who is still struggling, trying to rein in clients, and get his firm off the ground. We have to say though—hooking your office up to a hot-air balloon? Probably not the best way to go about it.


You are a long-established private practice lawyer making sweet bank. Your life is perfect; you just wish you didn't feel so hollow inside.


You have been employed by a major firm in a major city. You've got your own office on the 34th floor. Your star is on the rise, as is your furniture.


You successfully represented Drew Carey in his murder case. You are an instant celebrity and are universally admired for your efforts. Everyone knows that sweet, friendly tub of smiles couldn't have done it.