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Typical Day

Bulbo Watt is the head lighting designer for a half-hour sitcom on SBC (Shmoop Broadcasting Company). He’s been doing this for a few years - it’s nice, steady work, but eventually this show is going to get canceled, or the stars are going to disband, or the Mayans will be right and the world will end in 2012. (If you’re reading this post-2012, thank goodness they were wrong.) In the meantime, Bulbo is loving his life. He gets into the studio at 5:30 (it’s okay, he’s a morning person), and starts setting the lights for this afternoon’s taping. The design portion of this was taken care of between this past Tuesday and Thursday - directly following last week’s shoot. Since then he’s been working with the set designers to get the appropriate lights in place in preparation for filming. 

There are a few sets that are used regularly, and these are always lit in a similar fashion. Even still, he has to check the shooting script to determine what time of day it’s supposed to be when each scene takes place, and adjust the lights accordingly. In this episode, there is also a scene that takes place at an outdoor basketball court. There is (conveniently) a solid concrete wall on one side of the court, so that the producers can shoot this indoors in a controlled environment rather than having to deal with the unpredictable elements. Producers hate having to deal with things that are unpredictable. That’s why they love actors so much.

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