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After years of hard work and catching the right breaks, you may enter into the realm of celebrity magician. The payoff is considerable for those who dedicate themselves to their performance. Networks could be clamoring to cast you in their next show or major showrooms may want you to run there for the next decade.

You've surely heard of a lot of magicians, but two of the most famous are Siegfried and Roy. From humble beginnings in Germany, the two zauberers became known across the world for making unsuspecting audience members turn into giant jungle cats. 

Their contributions to the world of magic are so respected that you can visit their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Some even call them the "Magicians of the Century."

Especially if you're working with living killing machines. (Source)

Sadly, Roy was famously attacked by one of his tigers during a show in 2003, which ended the team's golden years. He's mostly fine now, and the tiger lived another eleven years too, but just remember that fame does come with a price.

Of course, fame doesn't visit every hardworking magician. Most magicians have to settle for being famous in their own town or at a small local venue. You might call that "recognition" rather than "fame," but at least when your town's summer festival comes around, you're the one they want for closing night.