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Bell Curve


You gave it your all, including loading up on 'roids and resorting to every cheap trick in the book…but you still couldn't beat up the blind Girl Scout your promoter had you take on hoping you'd finally win one.


You fight in local gyms and have won a couple bouts here and there, but mostly you just get your face smashed in. Still hasn't knocked any sense into you though.


You're starting to become established on the circuit. You're a decent fighter but you'll never be world-famous. The best you can hope for is to win enough fights to eke out a living, and to see the age of 50.


You're a beast. You've gotten the opportunity to fight a number of big names, and have even given some of them a run for their money. You haven't quite crossed the line over to "superstar," but you’re working on it. It sure would be nice if you had someone to share the ride with, but you're a fighter, not a lover.


You are the UFC world champion. Your nickname is "The Dominator." Which is funny, because we actually have someone on staff here at Shmoop whose nickname is "The Denominator." She’s a real math wiz.