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Bell Curve


Rookie in a Cage. Salary: $200 a fight 

You gave it your all, including resorting to every low-down dirty trick in the book, but you still couldn't beat the local librarian in a one-on-one fight. Your promoter actually thought you might win this one. Now neither of you can show your faces at the public library without feeling humiliated ever again.


Opener. Salary: $1,000 a fight 

You fight in local gyms and have won a couple bouts here and there, but mostly you just get your face smashed in. The UFC calls and tells you they want to give you a shot on their undercard. You're so excited, you don't realize the person you're fighting is their future golden boy. UFC is feeding his future, and you're an appetizer.


Mid-Carder. Salary: $10,000 a fight 

You're starting to become established on the circuit. You're a decent fighter but it'll take a lot more grit and determination to get to the top. In a sad coincidence, Grit and Determination are the names of the fists that your current opponent is dominating you with. But at least you're headed in the right direction.


Top Fighter. Salary: $50,000 a fight 

You're a beast and everyone in the league knows it. You've gotten the opportunity to fight a number of big names and have even given some of them a run for their money. You haven't quite crossed the line over to "superstar," but you're working on it. And by working on it, of course we mean kicking just a little harder than usual.


World Champion. Salary: $500,000 a fight 

After over twenty wins and only two losses, you finally become the UFC World Champion. Your nickname is "The Domination Station." Which is funny, because we actually have someone on staff here at Shmoop whose nickname is "The Denomination Station." She's a real math wiz.