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Glory is about the praise, the honor, and the distinction given to you for the work you do. From people you work with, people you admire, people you trust.

Is there something glorious about teaching an English King to be able to give a wartime speech to his people? Heck yeah, there is.

But let's take it from a King to a Prince to a Knight to a Duke to a Marques to an Earl to a Viscount to a Baron to…you and your 5-year-old, non-verbal autistic client.

Silent Sophie has yet to say a word. Her parents are worried. After a few weeks of working with her, Sophie starts to communicate. Humming. Casually plinking the keys of the piano in your office. Maybe even singing the word "Mama" or "Papa." Her parents' eyes shine. If that isn't glory for a music therapist…what is?