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Bell Curve


You graduate from med school and realize you like being on campus. You stay, teach, and have a small practice and earn about $165k, which is nice, but you feel a little restricted and wonder if there isn't something more challenging to tackle.


You've got a successful practice in a Chicago suburb. You are the primary care doctor for most of your patients and you deliver enough babies to populate the graduating class of the local high school. You also get sued a lot and wonder if a private practice was really the way to go.


You work for a large healthcare organization and are booked months in advance. You get women pregnant (with other peoples' sperm) and they pay you handsomely for your services.


You earn over $300k a year for the ten years before you retire. You begin work in sub-Saharan Africa, leading missions to educate women about AIDS and contraception against STDs and unwanted pregnancies. You advocate against female circumcision and start a foundation to fund teen fatherhood programs.


You have a multi-clinic practice and full staffs at each. You have Jen, Snooki, and Condi Rice on your speed dial.