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You will live in relative anonymity because the majority of your work will be small time crime. But who knows, it might be YOU who pulls out a cold case of someone on death row who was wrongly convicted. Maybe YOU will be the small town public defender who stands up against the big bad racist judge and all who tarnish this great nation by letting prejudice influence their decisions. And what if YOU become the advocate for young criminals who get caught up in "the system." Maybe YOU will use your experience to rehabilitate the people you have been representing so that cycle can be stopped. It could happen.

Then again, you might become famous for being the lawyer chosen to represent a psycho who robbed a bunch of banks, killed a bunch of people, and cut off all of his hair because he thinks it will help his insanity plea. You’ll be famous, all right. Every newscaster, talk show host, and legal analyst will use you name. You will be in the least enviable position in America, but people will know who you are.

Or you might become Johnnie Cochran....